How To Re-Engage Your Prospects Without Turning Them Off

Four tips to re-engage sales prospects without turning them off.

When it comes to keeping your sales prospects engaged, personalized attention wins over generic check-ins every time, according to Metal Mafia owner, and Birthing of Giants Board of Experts member, Vanessa Nornberg.

Top salespeople know that the only way to eventually bring the deal to fruition is by continually demonstrating relevancy to prospects.  Whether your selling cycle is tremendously long or relatively short, keeping your pipeline engaged is crucial.”

Calling is king, but the quality of your calls to your sales prospects is vitally important. Vanessa gives us four tips to ensure that your sales team reaches out consistently and with high quality.

1 – No one likes feeling like they’re a number. Research your prospect, listen when you have them on the phone, and take notes in order to build a profile of their needs and challenges. Then, use that to add value to your communications. “Taking the time to include something you noted about your prospect’s business goes a long way in letting her know you are talking to her and not just to the crowd.”

2 – “People are buried under emails these days, most of which are asking for something from the recipient. Be generous and relevant instead.” Find ways to be relevant outside the pitch. Send your sales prospects industry related articles or meaningful insight, even if it has little to do with your product.

3 – “A good old-fashioned call is powerful because it allows dialogue.” A LOT of companies are relying on email campaigns for sales, but this is a big mistake. Only a one-on-one conversation allows for dialogue and true listening for your customer’s needs. Emails can’t really fulfill this crucial function.

4 – “Set up an introduction to someone who might be helpful to the prospect in a way that does not compete with your company.” Conversations can give you insight into problems that your sales prospects are facing that are sometimes outside the scope of your product. If you know someone who can help them overcome that challenge, connect them! There’s no better way to build a relationship with your client than to take the time to know them, and offer relevant assistance when you can.

“Those “Hi, Just checking in” outreaches are nothing but fluff. And like used Kleenex, they get discarded without a moment’s regret. Think of contacting your prospect as a way to not just remain on the radar, but to remain relevant.”

You can read Vanessa’s article in its original form at her Inc magazine column.

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