Six Steps To A Stellar Sales Team

Vanessa Nornberg shares six tips to creating a stellar sales team.

Think about the people on your sales team right now. How would you classify their skills? If descriptives like “fast talker,” “winer & diner,” or “people person” come to mind, then Metal Mafia owner and Birthing of Giants Board of Experts member, Vanessa Nornberg, suggests that you might have the wrong salespeople in the driver’s seat.

“Good sales people are actually not what most people imagine.”

In her recent column on Inc. magazine Vanessa outlines six traits that every sales team should have. You might find her list surprising.

1. Great Listeners – The best sales team knows that listening is more useful than talking. The ability to accurately gauge a customer’s needs requires information that only great listeners can gather.

2. Diligent Researchers – In Vanessa’s opinion a good salesperson goes way beyond Google to find out your product, your prospects, and your competitors. They dig deep for the knowledge and a confident understanding of what they’re selling, why, and to whom.

3. Smart Connectors – Great salespeople build trust with customers by making smart connections when they’re sure it will benefit the customer.

4. Devil’s Advocates – Why? What if? How so? A great sales team is unafraid to ask these questions, challenging prospects in a positive way to step out of their comfort zone to try a new product or service.

5. Problem Solvers – If the people in your sales team can’t think on their feet and don’t thrive on surmounting obstacles, then it’s time for a new team. Good salespeople love the chance to think creatively and learn more.

6. Intentional Communicators – Stellar salespeople keep a clear objective in mind. They make every conversation count with the end goal of closing the deal at top of mind, and always remember to be clear in their ask.

“Selling well is not about being the loudest, the most verbose, or the most fun. Selling is about being attentive, about hearing accurately, and about creating opportunity.  The less noise your team makes, the more clear your company’s message will come across.”

You can read Vanessa’s article in its original form at Inc. Magazine’s website.

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