How One CEO Got His $15 Million Company To Run Itself So He Can Focus On Business Growth Full-Time

Anthony Abdy

When Anthony Abdy joined the Birthing of Giants Fellowship program last year, he was looking for the next big challenge for his company. As the president of Stonework Design and Consulting, Inc., a stone and tile contractor serving the construction industry in the tri-state area of New York, Anthony had recently achieved a large milestone for his company and was considering how to achieve better business growth. “Before I became part of this program, I set the goal for myself to really get the business on autopilot,” he said. “It took a while to get there, and then I was thinking, what now? What do I need to be doing as the CEO and the founder?”

Anthony’s 48-person company saw revenue of $15 million this year. His sales growth was impressive. He achieved his goal of streamlining his company’s business activities. But the entrepreneur admits that maintaining this momentum was one of his biggest concerns. “What keeps me up at night is sustainability, “he explained, “and to keep the credit growth and interest growth we’ve been experiencing over the last five years.”

Advice From Entrepreneurs For Entrepreneurs

Sustain profitability while moving into new sectors of his industry. This became his primary goal during his time meeting with the other entrepreneurs at the Birthing of Giants Fellowship week.

Birthing of Giants is a gathering of entrepreneurs focused on advanced education via strategy-planning programs helmed by a team of leading entrepreneurs in American business. Our programs, including the One-Day MBA and the Birthing of Giants Fellowship Program, allow business owners and entrepreneurs to gain from the wisdom of thousands of experienced business leaders. We help you implement proven strategies for sustaining and enhancing business growth.

Anthony used his time in the Fellowship program to brainstorm with other entrepreneurs on how he could best lead his company. His focus was on profit sustainability and how to reach into new areas for business growth.

Identify the Right People for Business Expansion

After attending the Birthing of Giants event in September, Anthony set himself a new one-year plan: to target other sectors of his market review. When he returned in January for the Gathering of Giants meeting, he was on track to meet his goal and eager to continue refining it. “I’ve implemented those goals by identifying the people that I need to work with in the market,” he reveals. “I’ve built relationships with them, and started some RFPs with them. I was able to implement with some failures and some successes.”

Anthony initially intended to pursue his one-year goal with only his existing staff. But after talking to his fellow entrepreneurs and weighing the options, he decided he need to bring others on board. “There’s just too much on the table,” he says. “It helped me bring the right people to the right seats. Despite a few setbacks, Anthony says he’s pleased with the progress he’s made and is optimistic about what the future holds for him and his company. “I’ve made a lot of discoveries over the last year about myself,” he reflects. “Doing work like this really guides you in the right direction. I’m definitely excited.”

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