One Year From Today

The most important step on the road to achieving your goals is having a clear idea of what those goals actually are. That’s why we want to hear from YOU about your goals for the new year for our end-of-year project.

Participation is easy:

  1. Simply write down a single goal for the new year on a post-it note
  2. Take a photo of the note (bonus points for including something you identify with your business!)
  3. Share the photo with the hashtag #OneYearFromToday and tag us!
  4. In a year, we’ll hold you to account!

Check out how Norm Brodsky and Lewis Schiff are doing their own goals to help you get started.

Norm and Lewis’ latest initiative, Birthing of Giants, is all about achieving your goals. With just a simple photograph, you’ll be showing a new generation of entrepreneurs how to set their goals and become giants of their own – just the way we’ve all helped each other succeed in The Council. What’s your #OneYearFromToday?