We’re Helping 100 Entrepreneurs Hit Their Goals in 2019. Join Us! #OYFT

Lewis Schiff shares his One Year From Today for 2019.

Birthing of Giants’ Chairman, Lewis Schiff, shares his #OYFT goal for 2019!

The most important step on the road to achieving your goals is having a clear idea of what those goals actually are.

We’re so convinced that creating a one year plan is magical for business growth that we challenge YOU to be like our Fellows – business owners of some of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. – and join in our ***One Year From Today*** (#OYFT) campaign on social media.

Let us help you stay accountable to your 2019 goal. Here’s how:

  1. Write down a single goal for your company to achieve this year on this downloadable OYFT template (like Lewis is holding in the picture above) (OYFT_.pdf). Keep it simple. Be specific.
  2. Take a selfie with your #OYFT goal.
  3. Share the photo on your social media with the hashtag #OYFT and @Birthingofgiants.
  4. Once you post it, we’ll be notified and share it with our entire social media following! (20,000 followers)

Nothing makes you accountable quite as much as declaring your intentions to thousands of other great entrepreneurs

You can find us on Facebook and Twitter. Remember to tag @Birthingofgiants AND use hashtag #OYFT so we can see you and share your goals with our community of entrepreneurs!

Norm Brodsky demonstrates how quickly you can map out a single goal for your company. 

#OYFT Success Stories

Read how Darragh Fitzpatrick – managing partner at the Tabush Group – created a plan to catapult his company into the stratosphere with a new, cloud-based IT product.

Read how Jere Simpson – founder of Kitewire – expanded his One Year From Today plan into a playbook designed for insane growth.

Become the Giant Your Company Needs

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