A Customized Leader For A Customized Company

Stephen Fernands uses a one year goal to stay on top of the milestones he wants his company to achieve.

Stephen Fernands is a problem solver at heart. His company Customized Energy Solutions, a 10-time Inc. 5000 honoree, helps businesses save money by providing customized management services in the wholesale and retail gas markets.

But after attending Birthing of Giants Fellowship Week in September 2017, Stephen realized that he needs to spend more time problem-solving for his own business, and allow others to do that for his clients.

“You should be doing the thing that you’re best at, as opposed to things that you enjoy but that you’re not necessarily the best at,” he says, reflecting on his biggest takeaways from the program so far. While he enjoys consulting with clients, he acknowledges that there may be others at the company who are better at it than he is. The most important work he can do to help the company grow simply can’t be delegated to anyone else.

The One Year Goal is a Powerful Tool

Stephen set himself the one year goal of developing a software road map that would allow the company’s systems to become a leading business process outsourcing solution for electric and natural gas companies. Initially, he thought that taking a more hands-off role in the technology side of the business was the best move he could make. To his surprise his fellow entrepreneurs told him to be more hands-on in the tech side and to remove himself from other tasks.

“Like most ideas in retrospect, it makes a lot of sense,” he says. While the company integrates its complex software solutions, his problem-solving prowess will be invaluable.

Discussing the challenges that other business leaders face has also helped Stephen find clarity in another area.

“Hearing people talk about partners definitely has reinforced my desire to stay the sole owner of the company!” he explains.

Set the Goal – Now Meet the Goal

Stephen says he’s already met many of the milestones he set for himself along the path to his one year goal. He’s merged several teams, brought his business line leads together to discuss their tech visions, and is working toward creating a culture of continuous learning.

“The work that was done in September was tremendously helpful for me,” he says. “It helped clarify my own thinking.”

With Stephen’s vision and a solid one year goal to work from, he’s sure to meet every milestone!

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