Running on EOS? Here’s the Birthing of Giants Playbook for EOS Visionaries

Are you an EOS (Entrepreneur Operating System) Visionary? Running a great company with a strong EOS plan? Have you finally been given the time and space to work “on” your business, not just “in” your business? That’s amazing.

Next question: How do you work “on” your business? What do you do? What’s your strategy look like? Dozens of EOS visionaries who’ve attended Birthing of Giants Fellowship Week tell us the same thing: EOS gives them the time and space to work on their business. At Birthing of Giants Fellowship Week, they figured out what to do with all of that time. How to set strategy for your business that shows up in enterprise value, revenue growth and scalability.

Here’s the Birthing of Giants Playbook for EOS Companies

Strategy #1: Get Capital Market Ready

Whether or not you plan to sell your company, the capital markets — private equity firms, corporate M&A departments, strategic buyers, even lenders and banks — have a stake in your business. Most business owners think about strategy in terms of “profit & loss.” That’s important, but the capital markets are also looking at your balance sheet—the most overlooked part of the business strategy for most entrepreneurs.

Strategy #2: Transform Your Financial Model

Your business model may have made sense when you started the company at your kitchen table with nothing more than your experience, your network, your credit card and your first client, but now you’ve scaled up to the point where it’s time to take your business to the next level. Leveling up your business model can make the difference between a profitable year and a home run…between a $10 million exit and a $100 million exit. (Just ask Chris Roth).

Strategy #3: Amplify Sales

If you are your company’s best sales person, eventually you’re going to hit a ceiling in your revenue. You’re not scalable. The answer is a combination of professionalization and technology. Find out how the fastest growing companies in America are continuing to grow even when the stable of world-class sales people is shrinking. The answer is easier than you think.

Strategy #4: Scalable Management

Every company has a human resources challenge. Finding great people who can help you grow is one of the most difficult parts of scaling a business. Luckily, you found EOS and you’re well on your way to building your dream management team. Find out the rest.

Check out the complete Birthing of Giants Playbook for EOS companies here.


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