Tortoise or Hare: Why Greg Theroux Runs a Slow and Steady Race

Show Notes: Interview with Greg Theroux

The entrepreneurial spirit isn’t just reserved for glamorous industries. As CEO of Heritage Building Maintenance, the legacy company of the Heritage Group, Greg Theroux knows there’s money to be made in providing the fundamental solutions the business world needs. Operating out of Des Moines, Iowa, Greg has decided to concentrate on growing the company locally rather than risk losing focus. But that isn’t to say he’s opposed to change. Careful business management could be the key to honoring his legacy company while still expanding in promising new directions.

At the Birthing of Giants Fellowship program in April 2017, Greg revealed that the demand for “green cleaning” has seen the Heritage Group’s microbial control services experience enormous growth. After completing the fellowship, he successfully launched a new “Cleaning for Health” program to take full advantage of this opportunity. I recently caught up with Greg to find out how he’s restructured his operations to support this shift in direction.

Play the Long Game

To embrace the market opportunity that “healthy” cleaning presented, a change in mindset was required at the company. Greg ensured the leadership team were fully on board as they began strategizing for the restructure. “We gathered the data,” Greg says. “That’s the one we feel will be the company for us in the future.”

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

While Greg is committed to building the microbial control program, he knows the legacy company will help support this growth. That’s why he’s decided against expanding outside of Des Moines. “We’ve had opportunities to expand,” he says. “But our growth has been such here that we didn’t want to look outside the region and lose our focus.”

Invest in Your People

With over 200 staff members and challenging hiring conditions, Greg is passionate about reducing turnover and paying his staff an above-average wage. He says he constantly looks for ways to attract new people while driving the company’s growth: “What we’ve tried to do is find a way to have a business where we can actually pay our people more, whether it’s through different services we offer or the way that we do our business through efficiencies.”

Greg’s careful considerations about restructuring while keeping some things the same will resonate with all business leaders. To hear my full conversation with Greg, listen to the podcast now.

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